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Prophet Ishaaq

The birth of Ishaaq (A) was another great thing that happened in the blessed land called Palestine. Ishaaq (A) was the second child of Prophet Ibrahim (A). His mother was Sarah (R). This beautiful child was a gift to his parents for their good work and strong faith in Allah. Prophet Ibrahim (A) said "Praise be to Allah who has given me in old age (two sons) Ismail and Ishaaq." Like his father and his brothe, Ishaaq was to become one of the righteous prophets of Allah.

Ishaaq's (A) birth was a miracle. When he was born his parents had grown very old. Sarah (R) was almost ninety years old and Prophet Ibrahim (A) about one hundred years old. Sarah (R) had almost given up hope of having another child.

Three angels descended to the earth: Gabriel, Israphael, and Michael. They came in human shape and were in the form of 3 very handsome young men and one day, they came to the home of Prophet Ibrahim (A). "They said 'Salam!' He answerd 'Salam!' He seated them and made sure that they were comfortable, then excused himself to go to his people.

His wife Sarah arose when he entered. She had become old and white-haired. Abraham
said to her: "We have three strangers in the house." "Who are they?" she asked. "I do
not know any of them," he answered. "What food have we got?" Abraham asked. "Half a
sheep," she replied. "Half a sheep! Slaughter a fat calf for them; they are strangers and
guests," he ordered while leaving.

The servants roasted and served a calf. Abraham invited the angels to eat, and he
started eating so as to encourage them. He continued, but when he glanced at his guests
to assure they were eating, he noticed that none of them had touched the food. He said
to them: "Are you not going to eat?" He resumed eating, but when he glanced at them
again he found that they were still not eating. Their hands did not reach out for the food.
He began to fear them.

Abraham's fears increased. The angels, however, were reading his inner thoughts and
one of them said: "Do not fear." Abraham raised his head and replied: "Indeed, I am in
fear. I have asked you to eat food, but you do not stretch out your hands to eat. Do you
intend me evil?"

One of the angels smiled and said: "We do not eat. We are Allah's angels." The Angels also brought happy news for Prophet Ibrahim (A) and Sarah (R). She laughed with joy when the Angels of Allah said, "We give you great news of a son named Ishaaq and after him a grandson named Ya'qub." Sarah (R) could hardly believe her ears! She had hoped for many years to have a child. She said, "Will I have a child when I am an old woman and my husband is an extremely old man? Most surely this is a wondeful thing."

Prophet Ishaaq (A) worked his whole life for Allah. He travelled from place to place and told many many people about the One True God, Allah. From the family of Prophet Ishaaq (A) came many prophets. From his children came Prophet Ya'qub (A), from his great grandchildren, and for more years to come, prophets came from the family of Prophet Ishaaq (A). His family was highly honored and blessed. The prayers of Prophey Ibrahim (A) were answered.

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