The Day Of Judgement

O Muhammad forewarn mankind of the Day when Our punishment will overtake them; when the wrongdoers will say: "Our Rabb! Give us a little more respite: we will answer Your call and follow the Rasools!" But it will be said to them, "Are you not the same people who once swore that you would never suffer worse? (14:44)

On that Day We shall gather from every nation a multitude of those who disbelieved Our revelations; then they shall be arranged in classifications according to their merits, (27:83)

The Day when they shall rush forward from their graves, as if they were racing towards a goal, with downcast eyes and countenances distorted with shame. (70:43)

It will be the Day when no one shall have the power to do anything for another: for, on that Day, Allah shall keep the entire command to Himself. (82:19)

Answer the call of your Rabb before that Day arrives which cannot be averted against the will of Allah. There shall be no refuge for you on that Day, nor shall you be able to deny your sins. (42:47)