Exterior of the Masjid of Córdoba

This masjid in Córdoba was built in AD 786 (786 years after Prophet 'Isa) by Abder-Rahman I. Then the rulers after, Abder-Rahman II and Al-Mansoor, enlarged the mosque to its current size today. It is made of jasper, marble, granite, and onyx. The mosque was said to be Europe's largest and most beautiful masjid!


In 1236 the city of Córdoba was captured and made part of Roman Catholic Spain by Ferdinand III. Then the mosque was turned into church.


Before entering the mosque, you walk into the "Patio de Los Naranjos" (Orange Trees courtyard). Palm Trees (planted in the 13th Century), Orange Trees (15th century), Olive Trees and Cypresses (18th century) are found in this lush courtyard.

This used to be a Minaret  for the call to Salat (prayer). But then it was changed to a bell tower by the Christians, when they took over Spain. The tower  is 305 feet (93m) tall.

Here's an entrance. Let's enter and see the spectacular construction on the inside!