Kindness to All People

Kindness to Juniors

Ibn'Abbas (r) reported that Rasulullah (s) said:

He is not one of us who dies without having shown kindness to our young ones and repect to our older ones.

Therefore, an older peron should be kind to a younger one. He should not dominate him or be harsh with him. Instead, one should be patient with the younger persons and set a gooe eample for them. This way, he will learn to be patient with his juniors and also show respect to his elders.

At the same time, a younger child should be respectful of his elder brother or sister. He should try not to annoy him/her and make him him/her angry. When his older brother or sister is working or doing something important, he should try to stay as quiet as possible and not cause distractions.

It is best to remember that mutual consideration and kindness is the basis of all Islamic behavior.

Being Good to All People

In Islam, every good deed is an act of charity and has a a special reward from Allah (s). Abu Hurairah (r) reported that Rasulullah (s) said:

Enjoined on every part of Human body is charity, every day when the sun rises; doing justice between two people is charity; and helping a man onto his beast and leading it is charity; and a good word is charity; and removing harmful things from the road is charity.

From this, we can see that a Muslim should try to be helpful and kind to all people, even if it is only by saying a good word. Sometimes, thismay be difficult, because some people are not always nice to you. At such times, you should remember that you will recieve the reward for an act of kindness from Allah (s), and that He is watching all your efforts.

The people who return evil with good are especially liked by Allah (s). The Qur'an teaches us that a good act always wins out in the end. The Qur'an teaches us:

Be Kind, as Allah has been kind to you.
(Al-Qasas 28:77)
We Have Learned:

* We must show kindness and mercy to those who are younger than us.
*We must show consideration and respect to those whoa re older than us.
*Rasulullah (s) taught us that all good deeds are acts of charity.