Controlling Anger

One day, a man met Rasulullah (S) and asked him to give him the most important rule of behaviour. It is reported that Rasulullah (s) replied:

"Do not be angry," and he repeated this several times.

Rasulullah (s) reapeated his avice to emphasize how important it is to control anger. He was known to be very patient and calm, never letting anger rule his actions or words. This is one of the reasons why his followers felt so comfortable with him. Even the disbelievers respected him for his great patience.

The Harm of Anger

Anger is probably the most destructive human emotion. Often, when a person gets angry, he can say and do things he may live to regret. He loses self-control. Out of frustration, he may shout, curse, and say awful things. He could hurt or even kill someone in extreme circumstances. When a person gets angry, he can do irreparable damage to himself and others.

Anger is another trap from the Shaytan to break our faith. Rasulullah (s) warned:

"Anger comes from the Shaytan; the Shaytan was created from fire, and fire is extinguished only with water; so when one of you becomes angry he should perform Wudu"

We msut be careful to control our anger and not let our anger control us.

How to Control Anger

Anger is a natural emotion. Certain situations can make anyone angry. However, one must know how to express anger in a constructive rather than destrucyive way. The best way is to stop and think about what you are about to do before you lose control. Then, try to convey your feelings calmly. You will find that you can make your pojnt more effectively this way.

Rasulullah (s) gave the following advice in regards to controlling anger.

When one of you is angry while standing, let him sit down; and if his anger goes away (it is good); otherwise let him lie down.

When you learn to control your anger, you feel better about yourself, and others feel more comfortable around you.

A Strong Person Controls his Anger

According to a Hadith, Rasulullah (s) asked his Sahabah (r):

"Who do you think is strong or powerful?"

They replied "He who throws people down."

"No," said Rasulullah (s), "It is he who controls himself when he is angry."

Truly, it takes a great deal of inner-strength to control one's anger, because many times, it arises so suddenly that it takes us by suprose. This is why we should be aware of situations that can make us angry. Similarly, we should avoid doing anything to anger others.

Allah (s) Rewards Those Who Control Their Anger

Allah (s) has promised that on Day of Judgement, He will reward those who do not let their anger rule their actions. Rasulullah (s) said:

"Whoever controls his anger, while he hsa the power to show it, Allah (s) will call him on the Day of Resurrection before all creation, and reward him greatly."

The Qur'an promises that those who control their anger are among those whom Allah(s) loves:

Those who spread generously in ease and in difficulty, and those who control their anger, and are forgiving toward people: Surely Allah loves those who do good.

We Have Learned

*Anger sometimes leads to many acts that one regrets later
*Rasulullah (s) gave us his advice on how to control anger.
*Allah (s) loves and rewards those who control their anger.