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Male Names


Sabih beautiful
Saabir patient
Safi best friend
Saahir wakeful
Sa'd good luck
Sa'eed happy, rivulet
Salah righteousness
Salah Al-Deen righteousness of faith
Salih good, righteousness
Salim safe
Saleem safe
Salman safe
Sameer entertaining companion
Saamir entertaining companion
Saariyah clouds at night
Sayf Al-Deen sword of faith
Sayyid master
Shadi singer
Shafiq compassionate, tender
Sharif distinguished, noble
Shihab flame, blaze
Siraj lamp, light
Subhi early morning
Suhayb of reddish hair or complexion
Suhayl name of a star
Sulayman a Prophet's name
Su'ud good luck


Tahir chaste, modest
Talal nice, admirable
Talhah kind of a tree
Tammam generous
Tamir one who owns dates
Tareef rare, uncommon
Tareeq name of a star
Tawfeeq success, reconciliation
Taymullah servant of Allah
Thaabit firm


'Ubaadah old Arabic name
'Ubaydah servant of Allah
'Umar old Arabic name (second Khalifah)
'Umaarah old Arabic name
'Umayr old Arabic name
'Uqbah the end of everything
Usamah description of a lion


Wadi calm, peaceful
Wafiq successful
Waheed single, exclusively unequalled
Wa'il coming back (for shelter)
Wajih noble
Walid newborn child
Waliy-ad-deen supporter of faith
Waliyullah supporter of Allah
Wasim graceful, good looking


Yahya a Prophet's name
Yamaan proper name
Yasar ease, wealth
Yaseen one of Prophet Muhammad's (S) names
Yaasir wealthy
Yazid to increase, grow
Yunus a Prophet's name
Yusuf a Prophet's name


Zaafir victorious
Zaahid abstemious, ascetic
Zakariyya a Prophet's name
Zakiy pure
Zaid superabundance
Ziyaad superabundance
Zuhair bright
Zaahir bright, shining

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