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Male Names


Aban old Arabic name
'Abbas Al-Abbas description of a lion
Abbud worshipper
'Abd Al-Alim servant of the omniscient
'Abd Al-Aliyy servant of the Most High
'Abd Al-Azim servant of the Mighty
'Abd Al-Aziz servant of the Mighty, the Powerful
'Abd Al-Bari' servant of the Creator
'Abd Al-Basit servant of the Extender, Creator
'Abd Al-Fattah servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
'Abd Al-Jabbar servant of the Mighty
'Abd Al-Ghaffaar servant of the Forgiver
'Abd Al-Ghafur servant of the Forgiver
'Abd Al-Hadi servant of the Guide
'Abd Al-Hafiz servant of the Protector
'Abd Al-Haqq servant of the Truth
'Abd Al-Hakam servant of the Abrbitrator
'Abd Al-Hakim servant of the Wise
'Abd Al-Halim servant of the Mild, Patient
'Abd Al-Hamid servant of the Praiseworthy, the Ever-Praised
'Abd Al-Hasib servant of the Respected, Esteemed
'Abd Al-Jalil servant of the Great, Revered
'Abd Al-Kareem servant of the Noble, Generous
'Abd Al-Khaliq servant of the Creator
'Abd Al-Latif servant of the Kind
'Abd Al-Majeed servant of the Glorious
'Abd Al-Mu'izz servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
'Abd Al-Muta'al servant of the Most High
'Abd Al-Mujeeb servant of the Responder
'Abd Al-Mateen servant of the Firm, Strong
'Abd Al-Muhaymin servant of the Supervising, the Gaurdian, the Protector
'Abd Al-Naasir servant of the Helper, Granting Victory
'Abd Al-Qaadir servant of the Capable, Powerful
'Abd Al-Qahhaar servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
'Abd Al-Quddus servant of the Most Holy
'Abd Al-Raafi' servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates
'Abd Al-Raheem servant of the Most Compassionate
'Abd Al-Rahman servant of the Most Merciful
'Abd Al-Rasheed servant of the Rightly Guider
'Abd Al-Razzaq servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
'Abd Al-Ra'uf servant of the Most Merciful
'Abd Al-Salaam servant of the Peace
'Abd Al-Sabur servant of the Patient
'Abd Al-Samad servant of the Eternal
'Abd Al-Sami' servant of the All-Hearing
'Abd Al-Shakur servant of the Most Thankful
'Abd Al-Tawwaab servant of the Forgiver
'Abd Al-Wadud servant of the Loving
'Abd Al-Wahid servant of the One
'Abd Al-Wahhaab servant of the Giver
'Abdullah servant of Allah
Adnan proper name
Adham black
'Adil just
'Afif chaste, modest
Ahmad commendable, praiseworthy
Akram most generous
'Alaa' nobility, excellence
'Alaa' al-Deen excellence of religion
'Ali excellent, noble
Amin faithful, trustworthy
Amir ruler, prince
Amjad glorious
'Amir populous, full, prosperous
'Ammar the builder, constructor, one who prays and fasts a great deal
'Amr old Arabic name
Anas a group of people
Anees close friend
'Arif aquainted, knowledgeable
Ashraf honorable
'Asim protector
'Ata' gift
'Atif compassionate, sympathetic
'Awad reward, compensation
Ayyub a Prophet's name
Ayman lucky, on the right
Aws name of a tree
Azhar the most shining, luminous
'Azzam determined, resolved
Abu Bakr the companion of Prophet Muhammad (S)
Abu Al-Khayr one who does good


Badr Al-Deen full moon of the faith
Baha beautiful, magnificent
Baha' Al-Deen the magnificent of the faith
Baahir dazzling, brilliant
Bahiy Al-Deen the magnificent of the faith
Bashshar bringer of glad tidings
Baasil brave
Bassam smiling
Basim smiling
Bilal the Prophet's (S) Muezzin (caller to the prayer)
Bishr joy
Burhan proof


Dawud a Prophet's (S) name
Dhul Fiqar the name of the Prophet's (S) sword
Diyaa' Al-Deen brightness of the faith


Fadi redeemer
Fadil outstanding, honorable
Fadl Al-Lah the excellence of God
Fahd lynx
Faysal decisive
Fakhir honorary
Farid unique
Faris horseman, knight
Faruq he who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Fatin clever, smart
Fawwaz successful
Fida' redemption, sacrifice
Firas perspicacity
Fu'ad heart


Ghalib victor
Ghassan old Arabic name
Ghazi' conqueror
Ghiyath succorer


Hadi guiding to the right
Hamid prasing Allah, loving Allah
Hamzah lion
Hani' happy, delighted, content
Harith plowman, old Arabic name
Harun a Prophet's name
Hasan beautiful
Hashim name of the Prophet's grandfather, old Arabic name
Hassaan beautiful
Hatim judge
Haytham young hawk
Hisham generosity
Hud a Prophet's name
Hudhayfah old Arabic name
Humam courageous and generous
Husam sword
Husam Al -Deen the sword of the faith
Husayn beautiful