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Male Names


Ibrahim a Prophet's name
Idris a Prophet's name
Ihsan beneficence
'Ikrimah female pigeon
'Imad support, pillar
'Imad Al-Deen the pillar of the faith
'Imran a Prophet's name
'Irfan thankfulness
'Isa a Prophet's name
'Isam safeguard
Ishaq a Prophet's name
Isma'il a Prophet's Name
'Izz Al-Deen might of the faith


Jabir consoler, comforter
Ja'far rivulet
Jalaal glory of the faith
Jamaal beauty
Jamaal Al-Deen beauty of the faith
Jameel beautiful
Jawad open-handed, generous
Jihad struggle


Kamal perfection
Kamil perfect
Kareem generous, noble
Khayri charitable, beneficient
Khayr Al-Deen the good of the faith
Khaldum bold Arabic name
Khalid eternal
Khalil friend
Khuzaymah old Arabic name


Labib sensible, intelligent
Luqman a Prophet's name
Lutfi kind and friendly
Lu'ay proper name


Ma'n benefit
Ma'd an old Arabian tribe's name
Mahdi guided to the right path
Mahir skilled
Mahmud praised
Majd glory
Majd Al- Deen glory of the faith
Majdi glorious
Makeen strong, firm
Mamduh one who is commended, praised, glorified
Ma'mun trustworthy
Mansoor aided by Allah, victorious
Marwan old Arabic name
Marzuq blessed by Allah, fortunate
Maysarah ease, comfort
Mazin proper name
Misbah lamp
Mu'adh protected
Mu'awiyah a young dog or fox
Muhammad praised
Mufeed useful
Muhsin benificient, charitable
Muhtadi rightly guided
Mujahid fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mukhtar chosen
Mundhir warner, cautioner
Muneer brilliant, shining
Muntasir victorious
Murtadi satisfied, content
Musa a Prophet's name
Mus'ad unfettered camel
Muslim submitting himself to Allah
Mustafa chosen (one of Prophet Muhammad's names)
Mu'tasim adhering to faith and Allah
Mu'tazz proud, mighty
Muta' obeyed
Muti' obedient
Muwaffaq successful


Nabhaan noble, outstanding
Nabih noble, outstanding
Nabial noble
Nadhir warner
Nadeem friend
Naadir dear, rare
Na'im comfort, ease, tranquil
Najib of noble descent
Naji safe
Najm Al-Deen star of faith
Na'il earner
Nasih advisor
Naseem fresh air
Nasr Al-Deen protector of faith
Nawfal generous, old Arabic name for the sea
Nazih pure, chaste
Nuh a Prophet's name
Nuri shining
Nur Al-Deen brightness of faith


Qasim divider
Qays firm
Qudamah courage


Rabi' spring
Rafeeq perfect
Raghib desirous
Ra'id leader
Rajab seventh month of the Islamic calender
Rakin respectful
Ramiz symbol
Rashad integrity of conduct
Rasheed rightly guided
Raatib arranger
Rida contentment
Ridwan acceptance, good will, name of the keeper of the Gates of Heaven
Riyad gardens


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